Jumel has a background in Track and field and Basketball. He Played Division 2 Basketball and graduated from Southampton College Long Island university were he holds a bachelors degree in Business Marketing. He’s National Academy Of Sports Medicine Certified personal Trainer, Performance enhancement specialist and Corrective exercise Specialist. He’s also holds a Level 1 DBC Certification in Biomechanics and Human movement. He has over 10 years of Personal Training experience. He started as a personal trainer at the equinox in New York City. Then went on to work at several private clubs before venturing on his own. In his first year on his own as a personal trainer he managed to obtain over one hundred clients. He now has a network of clients that exceed 300 people. Jumel is the founder of Corebalfit, Inc. along with his twin brother Jovani Verna and business partner Lyndon brown.



Jovani has always been a person inspired by physical activities and knowledge. From being a toddler mocking his fathers workouts beside him and continuing through school as a student athlete. He participated in a few sports as a child from soccer, basketball and track. Education was a key factor in his family, in order for him to reap those privileges, so seeking knowledge and information became part of who he is. He played CYO sports basketball as well as Cross country and track and field in Junior High School and AAU. His efforts would gain him a scholarship to LIU Southampton college where he received a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in general business and minor in humans and sports.  Upon graduation he spent time working in the construction development field and entertainment. In those years he quickly understood how important physical condition was to maintain that lifestyle and his true fitness journey began. He became driven to feel healthy, look better and help others along the way. He was fortunate to have a twin brother who shared the same dreams. They decided to get NASM certified as personal trainers and develop their own fitness brand. Certifications consist of CES, PES, and FNS.



Jonelle holds a BS in Physical Education and MS in Health Education. She has been teaching Physical Education for the past 15 years. Jonelle has an athletic background in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. She is an AAPTE Certified Personal Trainer and a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer. Jonelle aims to educate clients, help them obtain positive change, and create lifelong healthy habits.