CBF is a Functional Training Facility. We focus on group training, personal training, sports performance enhancement and recovery. The Facility is 3400 square feet has two showers in each bathroom as well as lockers, towels and Handicap accessible. State of the art Gym equipment Treadmills, Rowers, fan bikes, kettlebells, Dumbbells, battle ropes, stretch tables etc. Heart rate monitors for Virtual and group sessions. High definition stereo system, multiple screens as well as a projector screen. We developed a Company App for booking and notifications on all services.

HISTORY: Corebalfit started in 2015. Jumel was a traveling personal trainer for pretty much a high end clientele. Realizing that most people wouldn't be able to afford one on one personal training at $150+ a session he decided to put a program together were clients and groups can workout and reap the benefits of personal training for a portion of the price. Together with his twin brother the came up with the name Core, Balance and fitness (COREBALFIT) Core being where everything starts, balance being the center of life and fitness being mentally and physically in shape.